Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Cambodia : Angor Wat

After the experience of a life-time crossing the border, we finally get some peaceful days. Angor Wat is just amazing, the scale, history and craftsmanship is just.....mind blowing. If any of you have seen tomb raider, we went to jungle temple where I believe the movie was shot or based on. We'll post pics soon...

the thing about Cambodia is that you don't know who is telling the truth. We met some people who were genuinely nice (so we think) and some who were questionable characters. We still don't know who they were. Over all Cambodia is very raw.

we arrived in Bangkok today and leave to Malaysia tomorrow.


uhmmmmm what can we say about Cambodia. It was very intense/challenge to say the least. We took a long bus ride from koh chang to the border, got ripped off by the tour company which (everyone does unfortunately), we crossed the border only to get scammed at the very shady currency exchange (the teller had a huge diamond ring on his pinky which should be an indication of what's to come...) then we waited 2hrs for a luxury bus(which is a mini bus from the 70s).

The bus didn't leave until the tour guys finished watching kickboxing. We rode 6 hrs on a dinky, dusty filled, non A/C luxury bus on a road which is unpaved the whole way. Again road is dust filled, with pot holes you could fit a mini cooper in. At one point, the bus swerved to avoid a women sleeping(?) on the middle of the road at night.

We stopped at a restaurant. Bugs swarming so thick that bugs kept landing on our dishes. We've never seen anything like it. At the end of our hell ride, we were brought to the inn conveniently run by the bus guide....uha. They pressured all passengers to stay at their inn since it was close to mid-night(they purposely arrive late at night to discourage people from looking at other places).

We finally arrived at our hotel after 12 hours of traveling hell, we finished off the night with a glass of cold beer at a nice guesthouse with no more hassling from shady tour guys. It was very eye-opening experience for both of us.

Friday, November 25, 2005

koh wai

koh wai is a small island south of koh chang. we took a ferry for about a hour in the rough seas, arrived at the island and checked ourself in. since there are only 3 places to stay and one being 45 minutes walk, we went with a very simple hut with just a bed, right on the beach. the island is an oasis with crystal clear water, lots of small tropical fish and corrals. unfortunately ocean was a bit rough for the first few days, then on the day we are leaving, the wind stops...figures.. we had a great time nonetheless, read books, swim, snorkel, eat and do absolutely nothing...oh the electricity turns off at 10pm which means you better fall a sleep before so you don't have to look for a toilet in the dark. tomorrow, we are off to cambodia. we promise to load some pics once we get to malaysia! peace out.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

koh chang

5 days in bangkok was enough, we've moved onto koh chang. thailands second largest island east of bangkok. we've rented a little scooter an have traveled half the island exploring waterfalls, beaches and restaurants. the water is beautiful and warm, the beaches are some what small but nice and the atmosphere is laid back. we're staying at www.keereeta.com. with $40 bucks a night, you can stay at this fabulous place if you decide to come in the future! time to eat, see ya.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Its fabulous

thailand is fabulous! anywhere we go, food is fantastic. there is hardly any miss. although some of you may question the preparation method however we haven't gotten sick, uha. our daily routine is to stuff our faces with street food for 50cents and go get massage for 3$. life is good. uha. gotta love it.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

first night in bangkok

we checked into our inn around noon and were welcomed by a killer down pour of rain, so we took a little nappy and then went for a walk through our little neighborhood. we're staying down the street from a area thats known for bargaining merchandise. we stopped at one point at a little bar and people watched, had a couple of beers, took in the culture and listened to the traditional sounds of snoop and dre "gin en' juice". gotta love it. peace out.

Go Mini

We woke up at crack a dawn, rubbed our sleepy eyes and got onto the front seat, 2nd level of double decker bus to the airport to catch a flight to Bangkok. As the bus was speeding on the empty highway, out of blue, we saw team of cars, Ferrari,Porche, Maserati, BMW and audi zoomed by. We are assuming that those were bunch of rich kids who are taking their expensive cars for an early morning race...Amongst those half a million dollar cars, what do I see? a silver MINI, keeping up with the pace. need I say more... Go mini.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Hong Kong

our trip thus far in HK has been great. easy to get around, clean, and friendly. we've seen the oldest temple in HK, went for a tram ride to see the city from the clouds, took a ferry ride to see the largest Buddha, and had lunch in a small little fishing village (i could have sworn i felt the spirit of bruce). Interesting photos to come... tomorrow we head out to thailand.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

15 hrs of torture

yes. we have survived 15 hours of sleep deprived, economy seating resulting in blood clog up my brain flight to Hong Kong. Despite all that, i have to say cathay pacific has a very tasty in-flight meals. we have arrived at Yes Inn, a boutique hostel with the roomsize of my bathroom in JP...its kinda' cute. we'll be sightseeing like rest of tourists in HK tomorrow:

Sunday, November 06, 2005


jamie goes fishing with ryan in newport beach, california. i think the fish is called "scappen"...we don't really know. its in the rockfish family. of course it ended up on our dinner table...leave it to japanese when it comes to fish.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Joshua Tree

here are some pics from joshua tree which is near palm spring.
cool place, lots of cactus, huge rocks, wierd trees, desert and wild animal.
we saw coyote, golden eagle, desert rats, lizzards and rabbits...cool aye.
if any of you are into rock climbing, this is the place to go.