Tuesday, January 01, 2008

This is the Chocolate Fountian

Mark, Jamie's step dad, gave us a chocolate fountain which consists of 3 tiers. omg, never ending chocolate flowing like water... what more can we say... it's brilliant.


We had "osechi", a traditional Japanese new year's breakfast, for the new year. I made the soup with mochi and rest of them were made by my mother and super market. Jamie would eat little caramerized fish but no mushroom... here is the menu:
tazukuri (caramerized fish), ninamasu (mixed rooted vegetables cooked with vinegar), kuromame (sweet black bean), kurikinton (sweet potato and chestnut), kobumaki (a piece of fish wrapped in seaweed) and ozouni (soup with moshi). this afternoon, we'll go to our friends house to have some chocolate fountain, yummy.